web designers and online business peopleOur web design ideas and themes are developed to look and work great on mobile and desktop screens and all of the modern browsers and operating systems. 

We design, develop and host content-managed websites and their mobile versions. As a web designer of over 12 years experience, we favour open source solutions such as Joomla as they offer such a rich array of applications and excellent value in support of small but growing businesses.

Websites come with easy-to-use self-editing suites and we can provide training support tailored to your needs.

Development websites are set up initially to work online in collaboration with clients, and then to thoroughly test the site's operation on desktop and mobile equipment, and even trial it with your customer base!

Mobile responsive - we employ mobile-responsive template technology tuned to perform on all popular screen formats

Hosted on a database driven platform our websites can support multiple applications and are fast to be updated .

Content managed - means visitors have a live interaction with the website and its applications, the website takes the customer input and responds. Your website literarily enters a form of dialogue with your prospect or customer. 

Powerful site search function aids navigation where the website presents a wide range of services products and options

Online shops - there is a variety to choose from and we help with organising merchant/banking links and fully testing out the system from start to finish using the development website

Membership based web services - a complete online membership management service for free or paid for subscriptions members. Includes publishing subscribers profiles, layers of membership access and much more.

Privacy levels to allow members or clients to access discrete parts of the website.

Indexed content libraries with access for specific groups plus upload and download service for documents and images.

Blog applications which can be  fully linked to social media services and read by the search engines to boost the site's ranking 

Intuitive back-end site administration.  A front end editor enables a range of edits and additions to the content. Administration of the website and applications is provided online in a secure password-protected area with a variety of permission levels.

Integrated email for client communications in support of a number of applications plus multiple email addresses.

'Organic' SEO package  is always part of the development project. To be successful, it is developed in close liaison with the client right from the start of the creative concept, through to the final text editing. 

Range of maintenance and hosting options includes basic hosting and website operating software and internet connectivity working up to full content and application maintenance.

We are experts in Joomla CMS Websites and Migrations