Joomla, the popular open source content management system, formerly announced the withdrawal of support for its series 2 version just in time for Xmas 2014. This was expected and broadly good news for owners as there is a largely automatic upgrade routine available to take their websites on to the widely acclaimed new Joomla '3' series.

The worry is for the 1000's of Joomla website owners who are still stuck with the previous series 1 Joomla websites, because there is no simple, cost effective and automatic upgrade route to the current Joomla version.

They face an uncertain future without an upgrade path to the new Joomla release.

Support for all Series 1 websites finally ended in 2012. This includes Joomla's most popular version, 1.5, which means 1000's of websites are left increasingly vulnerable to a range of problems impacting on security , hosting service continuity and even support for third party applications.

Updating Version 1 Joomla website series to the latest Joomla 3 requires a full-blown migration project with a significant amount of costly manual intervention. Joomla have provided some helpful guidance but for many owners, especially those with basic sites, starting afresh is often the best option!

However, for owners of complex sites it is not such an easy decision, yet by their very open nature they are the most vulnerable to hacking and problems with plug-in applications.

Typically, these sites have significant numbers of active members, online shops and even directories where members maintain information. They usually hold lots of content often provided by and maintained by subscribers.

Starting over is not a particularly commercial or practical option: there is a big risk of disruption with online users and a significant challenge in coping with a new administration set up.

It is a problem that just has to be grasped - migration is certainly costly but can be viewed as an opportunity to refresh and upgrade, whilst staying on a familiar operating approach for daily administration and most importantly for continuity for online users.

Certainly the latest Joomla 3 series offers lots of benefits such as responsive working for mobile instruments, advanced interworking with social media and compatibility with more server platforms applications. Joomla have also revised their updating policy and in future should deliver a reliable upgrade path to both owners of Joomla websites and the myriad of third party plugin and application providers.

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Editors notes

Owners of less complex sites could take advantage a new unique packaged Joomla series 3 deal. Joomla and Siteground have teamed up to offer a free website with open-ended free hosting!

It means that owners of basic 1.5 series websites have a really good option to rebuild their websites still using the Joomla CMS approach . Owners can now jump straight into the new, and wonderful world of Joomla's latest CMS offering series.

Links to the Joomla announcement and migration help pages. joomla-2-5-28-released.html